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Czech Beer

"A Beer-Drinker's Odyssey Begins on Vltava"

The world was astounded in 1913 when it was discovered that as many as 19 types of beer were brewed in Mesopotamia 5,000 years ago. It is fitting that the archaeologist who first deciphered the Sumerian tablets containing this information was a Czech, Bedřich Hrozny. Beer was also brewed in the earliest Czech civilizations (there is evidence that hops were already being cultivated here in 859 and were being exported in 903 - the first written documentation referring to brewing dates from 1088), and even British beer authority Michael Jackson agrees that the Czechs are the number one beer-brewing nation in the world today.

  • The Czech Beer Firsts are many and varied!
  • First in per capita beer consumption
  • First Beer Museum in the world
  • First beer brewing textbook
  • First Pilsener
  • First Budweiser
  • First president to have written an absurdist play based on his experiences working in a Czech beer brewery in AD 1974

The history of beer in the Czech Lands stretches back a thousand years, mirroring the ups and downs of Czech history through the ages. more...
Beer is considered a part of the national heritage of the Czech Republic. more...
Check out our brand new (okay, not so brand new) list of Czech breweries, complete with interesting facts and even some cool beer labels!

The History of Beer in the Czech Lands

How long, exactly, have the Czechs been drinking beer?
The Czechs have been drinking beer since time immemorial. The secret of Czech beer is that agricultural conditions are ideal for growing hops, and chronicles establish their cultivation in Bohemia as early as 859 A.D., while the first evidence of their export dates back to 903. Bohemian hops were so prized that King Wenceslas ordered the death penalty for anyone caught exporting the cuttings, from which new plants could be grown. The first mention of brewing in the Czech territories is in the foundation charter for the Vyšehrad church, dating from 1088. In this document, the first Czech king, Vratislav II, decreed that his estates should pay a hop tithe to the church. The U Fleků microbrewery in Prague has been in operation since 1499 and is still going strong.

How did the famous Czech beer industry get its start?
The first Czech brewery was built at Cerhenice in 1118. In earlier days, only citizens in the Czech lands had the right to brew beer - and that for their own consumption - so most citizens had a microbrewery in their home. It wasn't long before some of these citizens banded together to form a cooperative central brewery, from which they would take beer extract home and finish the brewing process there, in a medieval equivalent to the "home brew" kits which are so popular today. In the 13th century, King Wenceslas convinced the Pope to revoke an order banning the brewing of beer, which may explain why he's called Good King Wenceslas. It was a small step up from there for breweries to start hawking their wares to the general public as well, and so the Czech beer industry was spawned.

And when did the Czech beer industry become great?
The art of brewing beer came along gradually, with help along the way. The Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV, for instance, was a friend of the beer industry even though he ordered that Burgundy grape vines be cultivated in Bohemia. Emperor Rudolf II's personal physician held that beer was an incredibly healthy beverage and wrote a treatise to that effect. The Czech beer industry's worldwide fame dates from the Renaissance, as does the Bohemian tavern which is famous throughout Europe. A popular rhyme of the time goes "Unus papa Romae, una cerevesia Raconae" ("one pope in Rome, one beer in Rakovník." Beer is still brewed in Rakovník today. In the early 16th century, the Czech beer industry contributed as much as 87% of total municipal income to city coffers. Czech hops were being shipped up the Elbe to the special Hamburg hops market from 1101, and the Germans still prize Bohemian Saaz hops from Žatec today. The Czechs were even exporting their beer at this time, most notably the beer they brewed in the town of Ceske Budejovice in south Bohemia. The Bavarians who were importing this beer understandably had a hard time pronouncing the name of the town, and so they referred to it as "Budweis", a place name that is still associated with great beer today - as is Pilsner, which is derived from the place name of the west Bohemian town of Plzen.

And I guess it's just been getting better ever since?
Actually, no. This 16th-century beer heaven was not to last. Feudal lords discovered that forcing their laborers to drink the manor brew was a clever way to line their pockets. The Thirty Years' War, which devastated much of northern Europe, devastated the Czech beer industry as well. At one point, beer was used to pay off a Swedish army to prevent the plunder of Kutna Hora. After that, what fame the Czech beer industry managed to attain was under the auspices of the Emperor in Vienna. He even sent a Czech brewmaster to Mexico to teach the Mexicans how to brew beer. Bohemia beer from Mexico was named for the Czech contribution. The Czech nation - and its beer - did not begin to recover until the "national awakening" movement of the 19th century, when the Czech language, Czech culture, and Czech beer were reinvented after centuries of Germanisation and decline.

Did the Communists appreciate the Workers' love of beer?
Under the Communists, beer was very cheap - and it was legal. This helped establish beer drinking as perhaps the single most popular hobby among Czech men. Unfortunately, as with so many other industries, the Communists failed to invest anything into the breweries. They simply produced the beer and squeezed as much money as possible out of the industry. One of the Czech Republic's most famous beer drinkers, the protagonist of Jaroslav Hašek's novel "The Good Soldier Švejk" said that the government that raises the price of beer is destined to fall within one year. The Communists almost doubled the price of beer in 1984 (from 1.70 to 2.50 crowns per half-liter), so it took 5 years instead of one for the prophecy to come to pass.

Does Vaclav Havel really drink beer?
Ex-President Vaclav Havel may be the best spokesman beer has ever had in the Czech Republic, at least in public office. Havel loves to take visiting politicians to pubs. He once skipped a function in the U.S. to go drink beer and watch John Cale. In fact, one of Havel's plays is based on the time he spent working in a brewery before the Revolution.
"I suppose that drinking beer in pubs has got a good influence on the behavior of Czech society, because beer contains less alcohol than for example wine, vodka or whisky and therefore people's political chat in pubs is less crazy."

And so what happened with this major hobby of Czech men after the Velvet Revolution?
Although a decrease in beer consumption was predicted, the numbers did not go down much even after price controls were lifted in 1991. Beer prices have gone up as the price of everything has gone up, but are still low. Breweries have such a small profit margin at home that they try to make up for it in exports, where Czech beer commands premium prices. Shares in breweries, most of which have been privatized, trade at the top of the stock market even though many of them are deeply in debt due to payment problems. It's expected that there will soon be only a few giant breweries and a smattering of small local microbreweries in the Czech Republic. Mid-sized breweries, which face the biggest problems with marketing, transport, and taxes, are probably on the way out.

The Culture of Beer in the Czech Lands

How is it that so many Czech men have such a stunningly round physique?
One of the "new" Czech proverbs says that "Beer makes beautiful bodies" and this is in plain view all around the Czech lands. Or it was. Beer and the drinking thereof are ingrained in Czech culture, society and history. So much so, that the beer industry is considered a part of the national heritage. As another proverb states, "Kde se pivo vaří, tam se dobře daří" (Where beer is brewed, they have it good - it sounds much better in Czech :). The first beer- brewing textbook was written here in the 18th century by František Ondřej Poupě, who also instituted the use of thermometers and other measuring instruments in beer brewing. Under socialism, beer drinking was one of the few legal leisure-time activities there was, and the beer industry was one of the few that the whole nation could be proud of. After the split of Czechoslovakia in 1993, the Czech Republic achieved a major beer victory: first place in beer consumption per capita (many Slovaks prefer to drink wine). In 1995, the Czechs drank an average of 161 liters of beer per person. That's a bottle of beer for every man, woman, and child in the Czech lands every day. The only possible threat to Czech dominance in this area is if Bavaria splits off from Germany.

What should I eat when I drink Czech beer?
Beer goes very well with the Czech national cuisine. For Czechs, it would be unimaginable for the Czech national meal (roasted pork, cabbage and the famous Czech dumplings) to be accompanied by any beverage other than beer. However, if you're sampling beers and you'd like to clear your palate between beers, try a piece of cheese (nothing fancy), a white bread roll, or some mild salami. For the adventurous, try all three. But why even eat? The first Czech cookbook, written by Magdalena Dobromila Rettigová, included a recipe for beer soup!

Where do the Czechs drink beer?
Czechs prefer to do their beer-drinking in pubs rather than at home. Drinking beer is an opportunity to meet with friends. The milieu in pubs and country inns is gregarious, the discussion are forthright. The subjects can be anything under the sun: football, ice-hockey, politics and women. Draught beer is normally served in half-liter glass mugs. There's light-colored (světle) beer, which comes in ten-degree and twelve-degree varieties, and has more of a bitter flavor. Then there's also ten-degree dark (tmavé), or black (černé) beer, which is generally sweeter. Light beer is more popular, although dark beer is gaining ground. For those watching their figure, there are even diet (dia) varieties of both light and dark beer, which are lower in sugar and alcohol. Beer is usually available in bottles rather than in cans. Bottles of beer have too long a tradition for Czechs to be replaced by cans easily. Canned Czech beers are available, but are mostly just for the consumption of foreign tourists.

What are these "degrees" you mentioned?
Beer is measured here with degrees, according to the method devised by Professor Balling in the 17th century. The degree sign caused some confusion for consumers in the past, as international norms used it to signify the temperature of brewing and other things. So it was changed to a percentage sign, which causes confusion among consumers today. Many think that the percent is the amount of alcohol, but it's actually the amount of malt extract used in the brewing process. The percentage of alcohol is about a quarter of the "percent" shown on the bottle, so 12% beer is roughly 3.1% alcohol, though it's often higher. Czech beer comes in degrees from 6-19%, but 10% and 12% are the most common.

Which Czech beer is the best?
As a famous advertising slogan once proclaimed: "Beer is the best". It didn't specify which brand. While the Czech Budvar (Budweiser) beer calls itself 'the beer of kings' (due to a royal inclination towards this brew in the early 16th century), it is impossible to say which Czech beer is the best. Radegast has won the Czech beer of the year three times in a row. Velkopopovicky kozel won the gold medal for beer in 1995. Plzeňský Prazdroj (Pilsner Urquell) is the most popular. Gambrinus is the biggest. According to Antonín Kratochvil, the executive director of the Czech Association of Breweries, "Saying that some beer is better and some is worse is as nonsensical as classifying women according to the color of their hair: some men like blondes, some like brunettes." Of the classical beer styles, mostly bottom-fermented beer is brewed in the Czech Republic - that means lager (ležák), but especially, it means Pilsner beer. Pilsner is without a doubt the world's most famous style of beer. Outside of the Czech Republic it is usually spelled Pilsener or abbreviated to Pils.

But isn't Pilsener beer brewed everywhere?
Pilsner originally described beer from Pilsen (Plzeň). Just as Cologne came to be associated with perfume, Pilsener meant beer. For Czechs it means beer from Plzen and nothing else. The term came into use when the brewery in Pilsen (Plzeň) developed a beer in 1842 known as Plzeňský Prazdroj (Pilsner Urquell). This is a pale golden-colored beer of 10 or 12 degree, with a characteristically well-hopped palate (Bohemian hops are used of course) and a slightly sweet after-taste. In 1290, King Wenceslas II granted 260 families in Pilsen the right to brew beer. A house in downtown Plzen belonging to one of these original families now houses a beer museum, the oldest in the world. It's also been a microbrewery since 1959. It's a little-known fact, however, that before about 1840 the beer brewed in Pilsen was some of the worst in the world.

So which Czech beer is the most popular?
1220 Czechs over the age of 18 were asked the question: Imagine you're having a delicious lunch or dinner, or you'd just like to drink a good beer. Don't worry about the price and choose according to your taste. The results of this poll reveal a strong sense of patriotism in Czech beer consumers: the Czechs drink mostly Czech beers. In order of popularity: Plzeňský Prazdroj (Pilsner Urquel), Gambrinus, Radegast, Velkopopovicky kozel, Budvar, Staropramen and then a long list of beers brewed in the smaller regional breweries. A wide range of beers is available, with more than 80 breweries in the Czech Republic. Each of these beers might not have an easily distinguishable taste, but the locals are used to their beer, which is of course the best one.

You mentioned Budvar. Is this the same beer as Budweiser?
Not at all! In 1876, the name Budweiser was adopted by the American brewer Adolphus Bush. When the Czech brewery, a few years later, wished to begin exports to the New World, this caused problems, and Budvar had to be given another name. For a time it was sold in the United States as Crystal, hardly an original name for a beer. Now the two companies largely manage to avoid each other's markets (theoretically). Both companies are currently entangled in a trademark dispute involving the right to use the name "Budweiser" and variations of it in Europe for their two very different beers. Budvar still calls itself, with some justification, "The Original Budweiser". As far as we understand it, the American brewer has been selling its beer as "Bud" in recent years because of the dispute. According to the Czech press, the two companies have outstanding trademark lawsuits in Portugal, Egypt and Italy. The Czech Budvar has a unique bitter-sweet flavor and the brewery has taken up the study of Coca-Cola's strategies over the years for protecting its trademark and recipe. Anheuser-Busch, along with some 40 other foreign firms, has been trying to buy a stake in Budvar since 1989, but the Czech government has dragged its feet in privatizing the brewery. The Czechs are wary of foreign investment in what they consider part of their national heritage. But the world's biggest brewer (Anheuser-Bush annually brews 5 times as much beer as all the Czech breweries together) doesn't give up easily. The company spends thousands of dollars in České Budějovice every year, funding everything from pre-schools to beer festivals to win over the locals.

Are foreign breweries successful in the Czech beer market?
The Czech reputation as the thirstiest throats in the world attracted many foreign breweries after 1989, but they haven't had much direct success in the Czech market. The prices of foreign beers are too high for the average Czech, who sees no reason to spend more for foreign beer that's no better than the domestic brew. Besides, the common Czech beer drinker is fiercely loyal to the domestic product. Foreign importers are left to scrap over less than 1 percent of the total national consumption. Foreign brewers have had more success entering the Czech market through the acquisition of Czech breweries. When British brewer Bass PLC bought a 1/3 share in Prague Breweries a few years ago, public hackles were raised and the newspapers cried corruption. The team of British managers sent to Prague discovered great beer and massive exports back to Britain ensued. They now own more than 40% of the brewery and want to purchase an even larger share. Their investment in the brewery seems to have quieted public fears. In the future, hopefully, Czech beer drinkers will continue to drink Czech beer, not only for its low price but also for its quality.

"Chauvinism and prejudice can color a wide choice of beers. Drinkers from one country often dismiss with contempt the beers of another without wholly understanding what is available, where it can be found, how it should be served, and why it is worthy of appreciation. They miss much."
Michael Jackson in his famous "The World Guide To Beer".

What are some good Czech urban legends about beer?
One of the best ones says that drinking beer makes you live longer, because it reduces the aluminum in the body, saving it from the effects of aging and Alzheimer's disease. Considering that life expectancy in the Czech Republic is among the lowest in Europe, this may be stretching the truth a little. Beer does contain natural B-complex vitamins, though, so it does have some nutritional value (maybe that's why it's also known in Czech as "liquid bread"). Another story going around after the revolution claimed that Czech beer is made without hops. This is pretty silly because beer without hops isn't beer. A more reasonable Czech tale concerns beer consumption when times are hard. People don't drink less beer; they just drink 10% instead of 12%, as 10% beer is cheaper.

How about some tips for drinking Czech beer?
The best temperature at which to drink beer is between 7-10 degrees Celsius. You can keep your beer at this temperature by keeping it on the seventh step down to the cellar (this tip is from the Oscar-nominated Czech film "My Sweet Little Village"). When buying bottled beer, hold it up to the light. It should be clear, not muddied in any way. And finally, drink it each and every day.

Breweries in the Czech Republic

Due to the number of breweries in the Czech Republic, we had to split this list up by region, Prague being in Central Bohemia, Plzen in West Bohemia, and Ceske Budejovice in South Bohemia. Where groups of breweries are owned by one company, we've included the breweries of that group in the region where the headquarters is based, and if the individual breweries are actually located in another region, they'll also be listed there.

Other addresses that may be of interest:

Česky svaz pivovaru a sladoven (Czech Federation of Breweries and Malt-Houses)
Lipová 15
120 00 Praha 2
Phone: +420 (2) 290072 fax: +420 (2) 24914542

Pivovarské muzeum (Brewery Museum)
Veleslavínova 6
301 00 Plzeň
tel.: +420 37723 55 74, 37722 49 55

Beer Importers

První Dánska Pivní, a.s.imports Tuborg and Carlsberg
Chlumecká 765
Praha 9
Phone: +420 281 91 72 16-7, 281 91 69 00, 281 91 81 09

Breweries in Central Bohemia

Pivovar Herold, Březnice
Nádražní ul., 262 72 Březnice
Phone: +420 318982546
Fax: +420 318982546
Founded: cca. 1506, by Zdenek Malovec
Owner: Pivovary a sladovny, výzkum a služby, a.s.
Types of beer: Herold 8% light beer, 10% light, 10% semi-dark, 12% light, 12% wheat beer Hefe Weizen, 13% dark.
Annual production: 30,000 hl
Exports to: Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine, Mongolia, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Cuba.
Miscellaneous: Manufactures Herold Mix beer-lemonade with grapefruit flavor.
The 13% dark beer was won first prize in the dark beer category as judged by an independent panel of experts and journalists at the Great International Beer Festival in Stockholm in 1996. Headlines in the Swedish newspapers even declared Březnice's beer the "Best Dark Beer in the World."
The 12% light beer took second place in the PIVEX Gold Cup in 1995, and again in 1999.
In 1993, they were the first and so far only producer of 12% wheat beer, known as Hefe Weizen.
Exports beer to Cuba.
Produces a condensed beer concentrate for use in home brewing, as in the original style.

Pivovarsky Dvůr
Chýně 28, 253 01 Hostivice
Founded: 1992, by Miroslav Hojda
Owner: Miroslav Hojda
Types of beer: Dvorní 10% light, Dvorní 10% dark, Granát 12% lager
Annual production: 2,000 hl
Miscellaneous: The first restaurant microbrewery, the smallest brewery in the Czech Republic, provides beer to the government and parliament of the Czech Republic. The crew of the Zemák campaign bus during the 1996 Senate elections awarded it first place among beers, and the certificate signed by Miloš Zeman (Chairman of the Social Democrats) hangs in the restaurant.

Pivovar Klášter
294 15 Klášter Hradiště nad Jizerou
Phone: +420 530 676-7782
Fax: +420 530 677-0555
email: info@klaster.com
Founded: 1570, by Jiří Labunsky of Labun
Owner: Pivovar Klášter, a.s.
Types of beer: Klášter 8% light beer, 10% light and dark, 12% light
Annual production: between 50,000 - 100,000 hl
Exports to: Germany, Russia, republics in the former Soviet Union
Miscellaneous: Parts of the brewery are 18 meters underground and the beer cellars are cut directly into the rock.

Královsky Pivovar Krušovice
270 53 Krušovice
Phone: +420 313569229
Fax: +420 313564426
Email: sekretariat@pivo-krusovice.cz
Founded: 1581, and in 1583 it was purchased by the emperor Rudolf II for the Czech Crown and was associated with the Křivoklát estate.
Owner: a corporation whose major shareholder is Binding Brauerei AG Frankfurt am Main.
Types of beer: 10% light and dark beers, 12% light lager
Annual production: 740,000 hl (1996)
Exports to: Germany
Miscellaneous: In the last four years, production has more than tripled in quantity. A matter of some prestige is the brewery's regular delivery of beer to the Office of the President of the Republic, Vaclav Havel.

Pivovar Velké Popovice
Ringhofferova 1, 251 69 Velké Popovice
Phone: +420 323 623 111
E-mail address: pvpkozel@czn.cz
Foundation: 1874, by František Ringhoffer
Owner: Pivovar Radegast, a.s. is the largest shareholder with more than 85%.
Types of beer: Velkopopovicky Kozel 10% light beer, Velkopopovicky Kozel 10% dark beer, Velkopopovicky Kozel 12%, Velkopopovicky Kozel 14% dark, Velkopopovicky Kozel non-alcoholic beer.
Annual production: almost 600,000 hl
Exports to: Slovakia, Russia, Finland, Austria, Sweden, USA
Miscellaneous: The current embodiment of the brewery's goat mascot is named Olda.

První Novoměstský Restaurační Pivovar
Vodičkova 20, 110 00 Praha 1
Tel. / Fax: +420 2222 32448
email: sails@npivovar.cz
Founded: 1993, by Novoměstský Pivovar, s.r.o.
Owner: Novoměstský Pivovar, s.r.o.
Types of beer: 11% light and dark yeast lager
Miscellaneous: This brewery is inside a restaurant reminiscent of "Old Prague." Something of a Czech "brew pub" in that sense.

Pivovar Ferdinand, Benešov
Táborská 306, 256 43 Benešov u Prahy
Phone: +420 317 722 511
Fax: +420 317 723 529
E-mail: bnmarketing@iol.cz
Foundation: 1897, by Archduke Francis Ferdinand D'Este
Owner: Pivovary Bohemia Praha, a.s.
Types of beer: Ferdinand 8%, 10% and 12% light and 11% dark beers, Rytíř light beer, Staročeské Pivo 10% and 12% light beers.
Annual production: 175,000 hl
Exports to: Ukraine, Russia, Belorussia, Moldavia, Lithuania, Germany, Italy, Spain, to Holland in the summer - export makes up 3.5% of sales
Miscellaneous: The Congress of Czech Brewers was launched here on May 6, 1938.

Pivovar Lorec Kutna Hora, s.r.o.
U Lorce 11, 284 15 Kutna Hora
Phone: +420 327 513 801-3
Fax: +420 327 514 104
Founded: 1573, by Václav Dačicky of Heslov, brother of the famous Mikuláš Dačicky of Heslov
Owner: DRINKS UNION, a.s.
Types of beer: Ležák Dačicky 12% light - app. 40% of prod., Kutnohorské Světle Výčepní Pivo - 10% light draught beer, Kutnohorsky Havíř - 10% dark, Kutnohorské Lehké Pivo - light beer, Old Bohemia Beer - 10% and 12% light, Lorec - 14% special light beer only during Christmas season.
Annual production: 200,000 hl
Exports to: Russia, Lithuania, Italy, Ukraine
Miscellaneous: - supplies beer to the Dvořácký chalet in Krkonoše - has its own wells for beer production.

Pivovar Nymburk, s.r.o.
Pražska 581, 288 25 Nymburk
Phone: +420 0325 517 200
Fax: +420 0325 512 077
e-mail: nymburk@postriziny.cz
Founded: 1895, by townspeople with brewing privileges
Owner: Pivovary Bohemia Praha, a.s.
Types of beer: Doktorova 8% light beer - 1,000 hl, Pepinova 10% light beer - 127,000 hl, Tmavé Pivo 10% dark beer - 4,000 hl, Zlatovar 11% light - 3,000 hl, Frantinův Ležák 12% lager - 20,000 hl.
Annual production: 150,000 hl
Exports to: England, Spain, Italy, France, Albania, Ukraine, and Russia (export: 8% prod.)
Miscellaneous: - from 1935 to 1951, the manager of this brewery was the father of recently deceased writer Bohumil Hrabal, who spent his youth there. His novel "Postřižiny" is based on life at that brewery, and every beer from the brewery carries the label "Postřižinska" - the brewery has its own 40 meter-deep artesian well.

Pivovar Podkován, s.r.o.
Podkován 21, 294 30 Dolní Cetno
Phone: +420 326 356 222
Fax: +420 326 356 231
E-mail address: acpodkovan@podkovan.cz
Founded: 1434, by Lord Bohuš of the Kován Estate
Owner: A+C, spol. s.r.o.
Types of beer: 8% and 10% light beers, 12% light lager, 14% holiday light lager, 10% dark, Dia low-sugar beer, non-alcoholic beer.
Annual production: 80,000 hl (mostly 10% light - 55,000 hl)
Exports to: Sweden, Germany, Poland
Miscellaneous: The brewery bottles Aqua Plus water, which is suitable for newborns, even without boiling.

Pražské Pivovary, a.s.
Nádražní 84, 150 54 Praha 5
Phone: +420 257 19 11 11
Fax: + 420 257 19 14 11
E-mail: jan.vosta@ppivovary.cz
Owner: The majority stockholder is the British company Bass Plc., which holds 55%.
Annual production: 2,620,000 hl, of which the Prague breweries produce 1,800,000 hl, Ostravař 360,000 hl, and the others 460,000 hl.

Pivovar Braník
Udolní 212/1, 147 00 Praha 4
Phone: +420 24446 1841 - 45
Fax: +420 2460842
Founded: 1898, by the Prague brewers
Owner: Pražské pivovary, a.s.
Types of beer: 10% Braník, 12% Braník lager
Miscellaneous: - after extensive reconstruction, the brewery is now the most modern operation of its type in the Czech Republic.
- the only brewery to process the beer yeast waste and prepare a multi-vitamin preparation from it called Pangamin.

Pivovar Staropramen
Nádražní 84, 150 54 Praha 5
Phone: +420 25719 1111, 24591317, 24591410, 24591411
Fax: +420 224511136, 24511032
Founded: 1869, as a joint-stock brewery
Owner: Pražské pivovary, a.s.
Types of beer: 10% light Staropramen, 12% light lager, Dia
Exports to: Germany, Russia, Slovakia, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, France, Sweden, Norway, Finland, USA, Austria.
Miscellaneous: - the Staropramen brand makes up 95% of the total exports by the Prague breweries owned by the company. Export has grown from 109,000 hl in 1994 to 290,000 hl in 1996.
- during the state visit of Queen Elizabeth II to the Czech Republic in March of 1996, her husband the Duke of Edinburgh made a visit to the Staropramen brewery in Smíchov. He added his signature to the other famous signatures in the guest book reserved for famous visitors, led by the Emperor Francis Joseph I in 1880. - Staropramen is the main sponsor of the Extraliga ice hockey league, which carries Staropramen in its name as of this year (1996).

První Pražsky Měšťansky Pivovar
U průhonu 13, 170 04 Praha 7
Phone: +420 22439 9111
Fax: +420 2801 168
Founded: 1898, as the První Pražsky měšťansky pivovar.
Owner: Pražské pivovary, a.s.
Types of beer: Měšťan 8%, 10%, 12% light and 11% dark beers

Pivovar Ostravař
Hornopolní 57, 728 25 Ostrava
Founded: 1897
Owner: Pražské pivovary, a.s.
Types of beer: Velvet 12% beer, made according to a recipe similar to Guiness, Ostravař 10% light and dark beers, 12% light, and Rallye non-alcoholic beer.
Exports to: Russia, Slovakia, Canada, USA, Poland

Pivovar Svijany
463 46 Svijany
Phone / Fax: +420 48 517 71 41
E-mail: pivovar@volny.cz
Founded: 1564
Owner: Pražské pivovary, a.s.
Types of beer: Svijanská Desítka 10%, Svijany 11%, Zámecký Maz 12%

Rodinný Pivovar, Hostinec a Penzion "U Bezoušků"
Květnové nám. 5, 252 43 Průhonice
Founded: 1995, by Ing. Z. Knap, R. Zelníček
Owner: Ing. Zdenek Knap, René Zelníček
Types of beer: The brewery produces under license from the Bernard brewery in Humpolec the following beers: Bernard 10% light unfiltered - 500 hl, Bernard 11% semi-dark unfiltered - 250 hl, Bernard 12% light unfiltered lager - 250 hl.
Annual production: Brewery capacity: 1,100 hl
Miscellaneous: - smallest restaurant brewery in the Czech Republic.
- won the Strany přátel piva contest for 12% beer in its first year of production.
Lobkowiczky Pivovar Vysoký Chlumec
252 62 Vysoký Chlumec 29
Phone: +420 318-865 321
Fax: +420 318-865 330
e-mail: pivovar@lobkowicz.cz
Founded: 1466, Lobkowicz family took possession of the brewery in 1474
Owner: Roudnice branch of the Lobkowicz family
Types of beer: Princ 10% light, Knize 12% light, Baron 12% dark, Special 14% light, Kaiser Premium 12% light.
Annual production: 71,000 hl, 80% Klasik, 15% Knize, 5% other
Exports to: Germany, England, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Austria
Miscellaneous: In 1996, grew from one of the smallest breweries in the country to one that's increasing its production every year.

Breweries in West Bohemia

Pivovar Chodovar
Pivovarská 107, 348 13 Chodova Plana
Phone: +420 374 794181-2
Fax: +420 374 794183
email: chodovar@chodovar.cz
Founded: 1573, by the Schlick family
Owner: Chodovar spol. s.r.o.
Types of beer: 10%, 11% 12%, 13% light and 10% dark beers
Annual production: 150,000 hl
Exports to: Slovakia, Germany, Holland, Ukraine.
Miscellaneous: Also produces Il Sano mineral water and non-alcoholic drinks from mineral water.

Plzeňský Prazdroj, a.s.
U Prazdroje 7, 304 97 Plzeň
Phone: +420 377 061 111
Fax: +420 377 062 230
Founded: 1842, by townspeople with brewing privileges
Owner: Plzeňský Prazdroj, a.s.
Types of beer: Pilsner Urquell, Gambrinus, Primus, Purkmistr, Prior, and local brands
Annual production: 1996: 4,046,582 hl. Gambrinus: 2,261,186 hl, Pilsner Urquell: 952,339 hl, Primus: 697,322 hl, Purkmistr: 55,868 hl, others: 79,865 hl.
Exports to: 58 countries around the world, primarily Slovakia, Germany, USA, Great Britain and Russia.
Miscellaneous: Has a Brewery Museum and brewery tour that received 62,000 visitors from 64 countries in 1996.
- retains techniques of fermenting in wooden tubs and barrels in stone cellars.

Breweries in South Bohemia

Budějovický Budvar, n.p.
Karoliny Světle 4, 370 21 České Budějovice
Tel.: +420 387 705 111
Fax: +420 387 311 135
E-mail: budweiser@budweiser.cz
Founded: 1895
Owner: State
Types of beer: 12% light lager, 10% light lager, low-alcohol beer, and non-alcoholic beer.
Annual production: 1,000,000 hl - of this 77% is 12% beer, 22% is 10% or low-alcohol beer, and 1% is non-alcoholic beer.
Exports to: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Finland, France, England, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Belgium, Holland, Norway, Poland, Cyprus, Sweden, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovenia, Estonia, Russia, Japan, Ukraine, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Portugal, Morocco, Ireland, Mongolia, South Africa, Rumania, Uzbekistan, Serbia, Bulgaria, Belorussia, Slovakia.
Miscellaneous: At the end of 1996, the brewery reached an annual production of a million hectoliters for the first time in its history.

Pivovar Samson
Lidická 51, 370 54 České Budějovice
Tel.: +420 386 708 206, +420 389 008 206
Founded: 1795, by townspeople with brewing privileges
Owner: Jihočeské Pivovary, a.s., Ceske Budejovice
Types of beer: Samson 10% light and dark beers, 11% light, 12% light, Diapivo, non-alcoholic beer.
Annual production: 422,000 hl (1996)
Exports to: Austria, Germany, USA (under the name Crystal), England, Scandinavia, Slovakia.
Miscellaneous: The brewery is the holder of the Czech Made certificate for 12% light beer.
In 1996, a new brewing house with a capacity of 640,000 hl was installed.

Pivovar Regent Třeboň
Trocnovské nám. 124, 379 14 Třeboň
Tel.: +420 384721319
Fax: +420 384721321
Founded: 1379, by a monastic order
Owner: Jihočeské Pivovary, a.s., Ceske Budejovice
Types of beer: Bohemia Regent 10% light, 12% light and dark beers, 9% semi-dark.
Annual production: 363,000 hl (1996), 9% half-dark - 1%, 10% light - 75%, 12% light - 22%, 12% dark - 2%.
Exports to: England, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Slovakia. Miscellaneous: The brewery is situated on the historical location of a former Rosenberg armory.

Pivovar Platan Protivín
Pivovarská 1, 398 12 Protivín
Tel.: +420 382733111
Fax: +420 382251855
Founded: 1598
Owner: Jihočeské Pivovary, a.s., Ceske Budejovice
Types of beer: Platan 10% light and dark beers, 11% light, 12% light, Dia beer, Fit beer.
Annual production: 272,000 hl (1996), 10% light - 80%, 11% light - 28%, 12% light - 6%, others - 6%.
Exports to: Russia, Germany, Austria, Slovakia.
Miscellaneous: Owned by the Schwarzenburg family from 1711 until 1947, the brewery is located on a 14-hectare forested park, where "Summer under the Plane-tree" (platan = plane tree) programs are held, with a variety of musical programs in the area of Belveder.

Pivovar Pelhřimov
Pivovarská 856, 393 01 Pelhřimov
Founded: 1552, by townspeople with brewing privileges
Owner: State
Types of beer: 10% and 12% light beer
Annual production: 10% - 55,000 hl, 12% - 10,000 hl
Miscellaneous: One of the few breweries that produces natural, unpasteurized beer.

Pivovar Strakonice
Podskalská 324, 386 19 Strakonice
Tel.: +420 383321789
E-mail address: vondricka@pvtnet.cz
Founded: 1649, by Strakonice citizens with brewing privileges
Owner: State
Types of beer: Nektar 8% and 10% light beer, Nektar 10% dark beer, Nektar 11% light, Strakonicky Dudák 12% light lager.
Annual production: 190,000 hl: 10% light - 65%, 11% light - 15%, 10% dark - 10%, 8% light - 5%, 12% Strakonicky Dudák - 5%.
Miscellaneous: Took second prize for 10% light beer at PIVEX 96. Took the prize at PIVO 96 for 11% and 12% light lager.

Pivovar Eggenberg
Latrán 27, 381 15 Česky Krumlov
Tel.: +420 380 711 426
Fax: +420 380 711 225
E-mail: pivovar@eggenberg.cz
Founded: 1560, by William of Rosenberg
Owner: Pivovar Eggenberg, a.s.
Types of beer: 10% light beer - 80,223 hl, 10% dark - 3,306 hl, 12% light - 17,412 hl, diapivo (beer without sugar for diabetics) - 576 hl.
Annual production: 101,517 hl
Exports to: Ukraine, Uzbekistan
Miscellaneous: The 10% light beer holds the prize "Pivo 96."

Rodinný Pivovar Bernard
5. května 1, 396 01 Humpolec
Tel.: +420 565 532 407
Fax: +420 565 532 183
email: pivovar@bernard.cz
Founded: 1597, as Bernard Brewery since 1991
Owner: Ing. Stanislav Bernard, Rudolf Smejkal, Ing. Josef Vávra.
Types of beer: Bernard 10% light beer (65% of production), 11% light, 11% semi-dark, 12% light lager, 12% holiday lager (only in bottles, after three-step fermentation process)
Annual production: 110,000 hl
Exports to: Germany, Slovakia
Miscellaneous: Bernard beer is produced naturally and unpasteurized, by traditional preservation method - separate from the main fermentation - fermentation in a beer cellar. Since the year 1991, when the annual output was roughly 26,000 hl, this figure more than quadrupled in the next 6 years.

Pivovarsky Dvůr Zvíkov
Zvíkovské Pohradí 92, 398 05 Oslov
Tel.: +420 382285660
Fax: +420 382285722
Founded: September 27, 1993 (first batch brewed in May 1994), by Ing. Valenta and Ing. Voldřich
Owner: Společnost pro výstavbu a správu Pivovarského dvora Zvíkov, s.r.o.
Types of beer: Zlatá Labuť - 12% light and dark, 14% dark, 10% light, and 13% red beer.
Annual production: to 10,000 hl
Miscellaneous: The Brewery Courtyard is a complex which includes not only room and board, but also contains a butcher and bakery that also supplies the surrounding area.

Breweries in East Bohemia

Pivovar "U Hušků"
503 46 Běleč nad Orlici
Founded: not revealed, Ing. Břetislav Nožička
Owner: Ing. Břetislav Nožička
Types of beer: Yeast beer Bělečska 12%
Annual production: 200 hl/yr, brewery capacity 1000 hl/yr

Měšťanský Pivovar Havlíčkův Brod
Dobrovského 2027, 580 01 Havlíčkův Brod
Phone: +420 569 495 111
Fax: +420 569 428 675
E-mail: rebel@hbrebel.cz
Founded: 1333, by the award of brewing privileges by John of Luxembourg
Owner: Měšťanský Pivovar, a.s.
Types of beer: 8%, 10%, and 11% light beer, 12% light and dark beers.
Annual production: 140,000 hl
Exports to: Japan, Great Britain, Germany, United States.
Miscellaneous: Their 11% won a gold medal at the Pivex in 1998

Pivovar Rychtář Hlinsko
Resslova 260, 539 01 Hlinsko v Čechách
Phone: +420 469 311 609
Fax: +420 469 311 383
Founded: 1913, by Společenský Pivovar, a.s.
Owner: IMEX Premium, s.r.o. Hradec Králové
Types of beer: Rychtář 10%, 12% light beers, 12% dark
Annual production: 80,000 hl, 10% light beer - 55%
Exports to: Poland

Pivovar a Sodovkárna Jihlava
Vrchlického 2, 586 01 Jihlava
Phone: +420 567 564 111
Fax: +420 567 310 090
E-mail: info@pivovar-jihlava.cz
Founded: 1860, by maltsters from the city of Jihlava
Owner: the majority share is held by brewer Karl H. Schwarz Jr.
Types of beer: 8% Ježek Konzumní (Consumer's) light beer, 10% Ježek Formansky (Carrier's) light beer, 10% Ježek dark beer, 10% Pivoj light beer, 11% Ježek Stříbrný (Silver), 12% Ježek Zlaty (Gold), 14% Ježek Vánoční (Christmas)
Annual production: 136,000 hl
Exports to: Austria, Germany
Miscellaneous: In 1996, the plant was completely converted with sizeable investments to the most modern methods of brewing beer, with the aid of cylindrical-conical tanks, achieving an uncommon stability of taste, as well as longevity. The word 'ježek' means hedgehog in Czech.

Pivovar Rohozec, a.s.
511 01 Malý Rohozec
Founded: 1848, by Ferdinand Ungr
Phone: +420481321219
Fax: +420481323916
Types of beer: Skalák, Podskalák
Annual production: 25,329 hl (1996)

Pivovar Náchod
Dobrosovská 130, 547 40 Náchod
Phone: +420 491 407 236, 407 111
Fax: +420 491 407 271
E-mail: obchod@primator.cz, marketing@primator.cz
Founded: 1871, by the town of Náchod
Owner: The Town of Náchod
Types of beer: Primátor 12% - light and dark lagers, Primátor 10% - light draught beer, Primátor Jubilejní Ležák 15% semi-dark lager, Primátor Ležák Exklusiv 16% light lager, Primátor Rytířsky 21% light lager, Primátor Double 24% special dark lager, Diamant low-sugar beer, Pito - non-alcoholic beer.
Annual production: 190,000 hl
Exports to: Great Britain, Sweden, Finland, USA, Hong Kong, Russia - 4% of output exported.
- their beer is made with water that's "clean enough for newborns."
- the only brewery in the Czech Republic that produces a 16% light lager
- Náchod's beer has taken a prize at two recent International Beer Festivals in Sweden (1996 and 1997), as well as in Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Israel, Hong Kong, Moscow, and Minsk.
- the special 24% Double beer is the strongest beer made in the country.

Pivovar Nová Paka, a.s.
Pivovarská 400, 509 01 Nová Paka
Phone: +420 493727031
Fax: +420 493721100
E-mail: broucek@novapackepivo.cz
Founded: 1872, by Pivovar Nová Paka, a.s.
Owner: Městský pivovar Nová Paka, a.s.
Types of beer: Bohem 8%, Brouček 10%, Kryštof 11%, and Kumburák 12% light beers, Granát 12% dark, Světozor 12% herbal malt beer.
Annual production: 80,000 hl
Exports to: England, USA, Canada, Ukraine
Miscellaneous: Every year since 1993, the brewery has held a water-sprite celebration, during which the townsfolk welcome a water sprite called Pivilko, who emerges from the brewery's pond.

Pivovar Pernštejn, a.s.
Palackého 250, 530 33 Pardubice
Phone: +420 466 512 828
Fax: +420 466 512 421
E-mail: pivovar@pernstejn.cz
Founded: 1871
Owner: Pivovar Pardubice, a.s.
Types of beer: Pernštejn 9%, 10%, 11%, 12% light beers, 10% semi-dark, 19% Porter, Dia Pernštejn low-sugar beer, Pito Pernštejn non-alcoholic beer.
Annual production: app. 190,000 hl
Exports to: Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, Germany
Miscellaneous: The special 19% Porter beer is among the strongest beer made in the country.

Měšťanský Pivovar v Poličce
Pivovarská 151, 572 14 Polička
Phone: +420 461724 588
Fax: 461 724 692
E-mail: pivovar@pivovar-policka.cz
Founded: 1517, by townspeople with brewing privileges
Owner: Měšťanský pivovar v Poličce, a.s.
Types of beer: Hradební 10% light and dark beers, 11% Otakar light lager, 12% Závis light lager
Annual production: 45,700 hl (1996)
Miscellaneous: President Vaclav Havel and German president Roman Herzog toasted each other with beer from this brewery on their visit to Polička on September 4, 1996.

Pivovar Krakonoš, Trutnov
Křižíkova 486, 541 01 Trutnov
Phone: +420 499 840 114
Fax: +420 499 811 265
E-mail: pivo_krakonos@volny.cz
Founded: 1582, by townspeople with brewing privileges
Owner: Krakonoš, s.r.o.
Types of beer: Krakonoš 10%, 11%, 12% light and 12% dark beers, and 14% light for Christmas and Easter.
Annual production: 161,000 hl
Miscellaneous: - in 1974, current Czech President Vaclav Havel was employed here.
- water comes from artesian wells.

Pivovarská Bašta / Rodinný Pivovar / Vrchlabí
Horská 198, 543 02 Vrchlabí
Founded: December 1995, by Pavel Zeman
Owner: Pavel Zeman
Types of beer: Krkonošský Medvěd - 12% light and dark beers
Annual production: 5 - 6,000 hl
Miscellaneous: A modern brewery linked with a restaurant and hotel in Špindlerův Mlýn by road from Vrchlabí.

Breweries in North Bohemia

Pivovar "U Vozku"
Masarykova 436, 460 01 Liberec
Founded: December 1995, by František Vozka
Owner: František Vozka
Types of beer: Vozka's Yeast beer - 12% light beer
Annual production: up to 2,000 hl

Pivovar Louny
Říční 633, 440 85 Louny
Phone: +420 415 629 222, 415 629 111
Fax: +420 415 652 993
Founded: 1892, by Prince Schwarzenberg
Owner: DRINKS UNION, a.s.
Types of beer: Classic low-alcohol beer, Desítka 10%, light and dark, Premium 12% light and dark lager, Diamant low-sugar beer, Benedikt (herbal beer)
Annual production: 270,000 hl
Exports to: Germany, Spain, United States
Miscellaneous: Louny Benedikt is the only herbal beer brewed in the Czech Republic according to the recipe created by the Louny brewery.

Pivovar Vratislavice
Liberec 30, 463 11 Vratislavice nad Nisou
tel.: +420 485 393 122-123
fax: +420 485 393 228
e-mail: toman@hols.cz
Founded: 1872, by Liberec brewery and brewing company
Owner: Pražské pivovary, a.s.
Types of beer: Konrád 10% and 11% light and 11% dark beers, Premium 12% light, Vratislav Free non-alcoholic beer.
Exports to: Germany, Great Britain, USA, Lithuania

Pivovar Zlatopramen
Drážďanská 80, 400 07 Ústí nad Labem
Phone: +420 47 270 31 11
Fax: +420 47 550 30 45
email: du@drinksunion.cz
Founded: 1867, by JUDr. Viktor Russ
Owner: DRINKS UNION, a.s.
Types of beer: 10% and 11% Zlatopramen light beers
Miscellaneous: The brewery was visited by the Emperor Francis Joseph I in 1901. At the 1999 PIVEX festival in Brno, the Premium took 2nd prize and the 10% light beer took 3rd.

Pivovar Březňák
Pivovarská 116, 403 23 Velké Březno
Phone: 47 53 09 111
Fax: 47 53 09 117
Founded: 1753, by Count Ferdinand Harrach
Owner: DRINKS UNION, a.s.
Types of beer: Březňák - 10% and 12% light and 10% dark beers

Žatecky pivovar
Žižkovo nám. 81, 438 01 Zatec
Phone: +420 415 710 781-2
email: kec@zateckypivovar.cz
Founded: 1801, by townspeople with brewing privileges
Owner: Gustav and Ludmila Seifert (since May 1, 1995)
Types of beer: Žatec Chmelař 10%, 11%, 12% light, and 11% dark beers
Annual production: 90,000 hl
Exports to: Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Germany, Armenia, Italy.
Miscellaneous: The Žatec brewery is located on the original site of the Žatec castle and its cellars are used to this day for storing beer. The cellars are also preserved as monuments.

Breweries in North Moravia

Hlučínský Starý Pivovar
Pode zdi 148, 748 01 Hlučín
Founded: 1526, by Hlučín townspeople
Owner: Placek Leonard, Ing. Pavel Chalupa
Types of beer: Slezsky Korbel 12% light and dark lagers
Annual production: 10,000 hl

Pivovar Radegast, a.s.
739 51 Nošovice
Phone: +420 558 602 175
Fax: +420 602 500
Founded: 1970, by the State
Owner: Plzeňský Prazdroj - Radegast, a.s.
Types of beer: Premium light lager, Triumf light beer, Klasik light beer, Birell non-alcoholic beer.
Exports to: Slovakia, Germany, Poland, Scandinavia, USA
Miscellaneous: Radegast light lager won the prestigious Pivo Roku (Beer of the Year) award given by Pivní Kurýr (Beer Courier) magazine 4 times (1992-4, 1996).

Pivovar Litovel
Palackého 934, 784 01 Litovel
Founded: 1893, founded as an agricultural, joint-stock brewery
Phone: +420 585 493 111
Fax: +420 585341 365
email: pivo@litovel.cz
Owner: Moravskoslezské pivovary, a.s.
Types of beer: 10% and 11% light, 12% light and dark, Free non-alcoholic beer
Annual production: 320,000 hl, the largest part being 10% beer
Exports to: Germany, Russia, the countries of former Yugoslavia
Miscellaneous: The brewery was originally founded in 1292, when the town was granted certain rights by King Přemysl Otakar II, including the right to brew beer. In 1994, the 12% dark beer took first place in the Czech Brewers' prize. The famous wrestler Gustav Fristensky was married to the daughter of the first brewer.

Pivovar Zubr
Komenského 35, 750 00 Přerov
Founded: 1872, by several hundred central-Moravian investors
Owner: Moravskoslezské pivovary, a.s.
Types of beer: Bottled beer: Zubr 8% and 10% light, 10% and 12% dark beers, Zubr 12% light lager, Zubr Dia, Zubr Free
Annual production: 8% - 1,500 hl, 10% - 380,000 hl, 12% - 50,000 hl
Exports to: Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldavia, Ireland

Pivovar Holba
Pivovarská 261, 788 33 Hanušovice
Tel: +420 583 300 814, 583 300 900
Fax: +420 583 300 940, 583 300 801
e-mail: obchodni@holba.cz
Founded: 1874
Types of beer: 10% and 11% Serak light beer.
Miscellaneous: The brewery recently invested in new cylindrical tanks for brewing. The brewery's 11% Serak lager won the gold at the PIVEX 97 festival.

Pivovar Zlatovar, Opava
Pivovarská 6, 746 01 Opava
Founded: 1824, by an Opava citizens' corporation
Types of beer: Zlatovar - 10% and 12% light beers
Annual production: 140,000 hl

Pivovar Ostravař
Hornopolní 57, 728 25 Ostrava
Phone: +420 596114624
Fax: +420 596111978
Founded: 1897
Owner: Pražské pivovary, a.s.
Types of beer: Ostravař 10% light and dark beers, 12% light, and Rallye non-alcoholic beer.
Exports to: Russia, Slovakia, Canada, USA, Poland

Hostinsky Pivovar a Hotel Excellent
Pivovarská 10, 795 01 Rýmařov
Founded: 1664, by aldermen of Rýmařov - reopened in 1995 after reconstruction by Trias KPK, s.r.o.
Owner: Trias KPK, s.r.o.
Types of beer: 10% light beer (400 hl), 12% light (600 hl), 14% dark (400 hl)
Annual production: 1,400 hl
Miscellaneous: The 12% light beer took first place in the small breweries contest in 1996.

Breweries in South Moravia

Pivovar Černá Hora
U pivovaru 3/5, 679 21 Černá Hora
Phone: +420 516 482411
E-mail: PivovarCH@PivovarCH.cz
Founded: 1530
Owner: Pivovar Černá Hora, a.s.
Types of beer: Tas 10% light beer, Kern 10% semi-dark beer, Ležák 12% light beer, Granát 12% dark beer, Kvasar 14% light beer with added honey flavor.
Annual production: 160,000 hl
Exports to: Slovakia

Pivovar Kunc
Národní třída 10, 695 01 Hodonín
Founded: September 1994, by Mgr. Petr Zizlavsky
Owner: Mgr. Petr Zizlavsky
Types of beer: Švihák 12%
Annual production: 1000 hl
Miscellaneous: The beer is brewed in the restaurant in front of the customers.

Pivovar Janáček
Neradíce 369, 688 16 Uhersky Brod
phone: +420 572 632 461
fax: +420 572 632 266
e-mail: info@pivovar-janacek.cz
Founded: 1894, by František Bedřich Janáček
Owner: Delta, a.s., Uherské Hradiště
Types of beer: Janáček 10% light and dark beers, 12% Extralight lager, 10% yeast beer, Comenius special 14% light beer
Annual production: 112,000 hl in 1996
Exports to: Slovakia
Miscellaneous: In 1936, the owner of brewery set aside a room for the famous actor Vlasta Burian, who considered this brewery's beer to be the best tasting. The room is now used by the actor Bolek Polívka.

Pivovar Hostan
Hradní 2, 669 28 Znojmo
Phone: +420 515223601
E-mail: info@hostan.cz
Founded: 1720, by the Town of Znojmo
Owner: Hostan, spol. s.r.o.
Types of beer: 8% light, 10% light and Granát dark, 11% Hradní light, and 12% Premium light beers.
Annual production: 191,75 hl in 1996, 8% - 0.14% of prod., 10% dark - 1.87%, 10% light - 64.09%, 11% - 31.44%, 12% - 2.46%.
Exports to: Austria, Russia, Bulgaria, Italy, Albania, Slovakia, Rumania, Poland, USA, England.
Miscellaneous: The brewery is located in the immediate proximity of the Znojmo Castle and the St. Katherine's Chapel national cultural monument. The brewery's 11% light beer took 2nd at the '97 and '98 PIVEX convention, while the 12% took the 1st prize in '97 and '99, and 2nd in '98.

Pivovar Starobrno
Hlinky 12, 661 47 Brno
tel.: +420 543 516 111
fax: +420 543 211 035
email: starobrno@starobrno.cz
Founded: 1872
Owner: Pivovar Starobrno, a.s., Brno
Types of beer: 8%, 10%, 12% Starobrno, and 10% semi-dark beer, Hostan, Zlatá bažant, Červený drak, Heineken