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Astrologisches Profil

Natal Chart for Curt Hermann Lutz Burkhardt

Following is an interpretation of the positions of the five inner planets at the time of birth. Each planet influences a different part of your character:

Sun represents your inner self, your personality and your ego.

Sun in Aquarius

Keyword is "unconventional"; Original, independent, individualistic and freedom-loving, you can be rebellious and perverse if you do not handle these qualities well. Your strong likes and dislikes can make you seem stubborn and unyielding. Anything different has great appeal to you, and you are often attracted to the occult, astrology or causes of any kind. It is easier for you to love many people than just one, which can make you seem cool and detached. Unpredictable, curious and intellectual, your aim is to express useful knowledge.

Moon represents the emotions, the instincts and the feminine principle.

Moon in Taurus

Keyword is "emotionally stable"; Centered in the material plane, your emotions are attracted to material comforts and possessions. You want the best of everything, and you rarely settle for less. You will stick to your ideals through thick and thin. You are blindly faithful, sentimental, affectionate and basically timid. you may lack originality, so try not to be too fixed in your ways. Your reactions to sense impressions are slow but strong. You have an accurate memory. You will ponder over an action for a long time, using premises, ethics and ideals, and you assimilate and act upon information in a slow and steady manner. It is difficult for you to change your mind, and you resent any interference once you have reached a decision. You are a determined person, with well developed intuition and sound judgment. You want to excel in whatever you do. You are acquisitive, not only in land, art and other possessions, but also in friendship. Your sense of touch and taste is highly developed, and you probably have a pleasant speaking and singing voice. Fond of music, art, dancing and all things that make life more pleasurable, you need to gratify your physical appetites. you only welcome those ideas which are compatible with your stable temperament. You may be narrow-minded, and you are conservative and conventional. Pride, laziness, jealousy and too much stubbornness must be guarded against. Once set on a course, you forge ahead slowly but unswervingly. You seldom succeed in leaving the family tradition or training and ideals that were impressed upon you by your mother with whom you are closely, though not necessarily happily, linked. You have loyal and lasting relationship in friendship, love and marriage.

Moon Sextile Mercury
This is a very weak aspect.

You have a shrewd, careful, sound, logical and judicious mind and a pleasant way of expressing yourself. This shows a lot of common sense and indicate few, if any, emotional anxieties.

Moon Trine Venus

You are calm, optimistic, cheerful and artistic, and you have a steady viewpoint that gives you a good perception of values. You handle people well, and you have a magnetic charm that appeals to children and animals. You are refined, charming and social. This aspect is often found in the charts of military people.

Mercury represents your reasoning ability, your mind and the way you communicate.

Mercury in Pisces

Keyword is "reflective"; You are psychic and intuitive, and you learn by absorption rather than by study. Your memory is retentive; your mentality is reflective, romantic and poetic. You may keep your real thoughts under cover and only express with close friends or relatives. This shows a duality evincing contradictory qualities; combined with your receptivity to outside influences, it's no wonder that you are often accused of being moody and sensitive. You get hurt easily. Harmonious surroundings are very important to you because you react more from the subconscious than from reason. You like to be well-informed and often have a great love for music or some sort of artistic talent. With difficult aspects, your sense of reality might be distorted and your mind may vacillate; you may tend to wool-gathering or day-dreaming; you could be pessimistic, melancholy and confused. Too many difficult aspects can give you a morbid imagination, a persecution complex or other neuroses or phobias. You should guard against self-pity or personal resentment; concentrate on seeing and thinking clearly. Use your many talents and your innate spiritual attitude to combat your potential negativity.

Venus represents affection, your sense of values and your social urges.

Venus in Capricorn

Keyword is "dedicated"; You are basically insecure, and in order to compensate for a sense of inadequacy you may seek status and material goods. Seemingly cold and calculating in your approach to marriage and partnerships, you try to protect yourself since you fear rejection. It is very difficult for you to show the tenderness you really feel. Proud and reserved in your public behavior, you may appear snobbish yet you are successful. You often repress your emotions and sexuality, but deep inside you are very sensual, even lusty. Slow to develop romantic relationships, you may either choose an older or mature partner or a much younger one for whom you feel responsible. Once someone manages to pierce your great shield of reserve, you are loyal and dedicated. With your leadership potential you could do well in business.

Mars shows your sexual drive and where you expend your energy.

Mars in Pisces

Keyword is "restless"; Your emotions are unpredictable, and you can be very intense. Because you are receptive and sympathetic, others easily take advantage of you. Your excessive sensitivity can stand in the way of self-confidence or decisive action, and you must develop initiative and self-reliance. You try to avoid confrontation of any kind. Though seemingly quiet on the outside, your demeanor hides an inner restlessness. You are usually shy, musical and even lazy. Sexually, you are very romantic and sensual.